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2011 DJ Andres Solano signed his song “Tierra Blanca” with Renaissance from UK (one of the most important record labels in electronic dance music) the production used by DJ Dave Seaman in the album “Renaissance Master Series” is in CD and digital format in all the stores of the world.

Over 23 Renaissance is an electronic dance music record label and club brand, releasing compilations and singles and staging events worldwide, reputation for the highest quality club nights and music, international tours, one-off spectaculars, live events, festivals and a series of high-quality mix CDs that have sold millions.

The Series of compilations Master Series gets of the most relevant Djs to create a mix with music of well know producers of techno, progressive house, house music, deep house, tech house.

This time Dave Seaman father of rave music creates an espectacular mix with music of Paolo Mojo, Sasha, Egostereo, Henry Saiz, Jimmy Van M, Moby, Layo and Bushwacka, Andres Solano and more artists. Renaissance Master Series 2011.

renaissance master series dj dave seaman 2011

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