Rave Alchemist the Album

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In 2011, with 27 years of age and 10 years of career playing with the best DJs in the world such as Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo in 2 occasions, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, BT and the list continues; Andrés creates a tribute to the "dancers" of the world in his album "Rave Alchemist", which took from January 2011 until July 2011 for the production of 9 Songs with the support of Hernan Cattaneo and Dave Seaman using the song "Tierra Blanca" in the album "Reanaissance Master Series"

"The work of this project took various months, including late nights and early mornings and a lot of effort. It started as any project does and as the days went on I started realizing that I wanted to send out a message to defend our right to dance and to express the art. Dancing is a unique and one of the most primitive forms of expression that we as humans have, a marvelous form to express our feelings. In the end to expect only a small amount of money from the album sales can’t possibly compare to the happiness that can come from this where everyone can join in and together pronounce their right to dance and listen to music.”

Time: 47:09 Minutes

Name of the Songs: Tierra Blanca, Mist of Glory, Primitive Lights, Wall of Colors, Magic Glow, Time Break, Shining Purps, Almagest, Norma Path.

* All songs composed, produced and mastered by Andres Solano in Costa Rica.

  • Hernan Cattaneo (Sudbeat - Renaissance)
  • "Really good album from Andres, very interesting tracks"
  • Dave Seaman (Renaissance)
  • Tunes "Tierra Blanca" featuring in Dave Seaman's Renaissance Master Series"


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