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Since 2001 - Spundae Black Records CA / Renaissance UK / Grooveo LA 

With 33 years old and 16 years on the road, Andres started at the age of 16 buying “Vinyls” in Miami and by internet (in Costa Rica there was not other way at the time to buy records and even by internet was really hard) also he had to lie about his age to have the opportunity to play in the first “rave parties” and clubs in Costa Rica.

Born into a humble family in Costa Rica, his father won a scholarship to become sound engineer in Holland and London in the 80’s. Eduardo (Andres Father) saw the BBC and many audio studios of the time, when he came back he worked creating more than 200 audio productions. Andres grew up seeing his father editing with scissors, reel to reel tape (the old analog way to produce audio).

At age 6, Andres got hold of a microphone, some tapes, and a double tape stereo and started playing with it. His father found him on various occasions “producing” a radio show purely by play and pause.

In 2001 at age 17, he opened for Satoshi Tommie in Costa Rica and since then he started mixing 3 o 4 times a week every week in the best parties, events, clubs and bars. Dave Seaman, Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Anthony Pappa, Chris Fortier, Infusion, Tiesto, Jes are only a few names he has been involved with since then.

With 18 years of age Andres was named the youngest DJ – producer to become part of the Balance Record Pool roster, including top international artists like DJ Colette, Danny Tenaglia, Chris Fortier, Jimmy Van M, Paul Van Dyk, Peter Hook, Sultan, Steve Lawler. (Balance Record Pool closed operations a few years ago).

Traveling to Miami Andres met Terry Martin Owner of Street Smart Marketing in San Francisco, Terry from Chicaco, the person behind DJ Colette, friend of Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Frankie Knuckles, Derrick Carter and witness of the first rave scene in Chicago in the 80's - 90´s. The result, a few trips to the bay area learning everything about music and culture of Terry. 

Solano is part of the DJ generation and producers having to move forward with new technology, first mixing with vinyls, then CDs, and now Ableton live and MIDI controllers.

“Now I can mix more than 2 tracks at the same time with loops, vocals, effects and more! I called a live DJ performance”.

Music production

Andres released his first production in April of 2006, “Clouds over the Ocean” song played in the radio show Vonyc Sessions 079 of Paul Van Dyk and after this support DJ Andres Solano did the warm up for Van Dyk in two opportunities. Now Solano counts, with more than 70 songs in stores like Itunes, Beatport.

October 2011, the legendary record label of United Kingdom Renaissance, released the song “Tierra Blanca”, chosen by Dave Seaman (pioneer of electronic music) in the new Renaissance Master Series mixed by Dave Seaman. The album can be found in all stores of the world.

2011, DJ Andres Solano releases, “Rave Alchemist” mixed album with all songs composed, produced and mastered by Andres and after getting support of Hernan Cataneo and Dave Seaman, DJ Andres Solano did an event in the Club Vertigo in Costa Rica and gave the album free to those who went to the event. People can find this album free in Andres’s website.

In 2012 the owners group of Spundae* in San Francisco California, hired Andres to develop and handle their new project, 2 record labels Spundae Black Records for Deep Music and Spundae Music for Progressive and Trance.

12 years after his journey started, DJ Andres Solano became one of the first Costa Rican music artists to be full time working for an international investor group developing a music business.

In a few months, Andres released more than 79 songs with 23 artists, from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, Japan. A few of this artists that Andres found and signed are now working with labels like Intec Digital of DJ Carl Cox, played in festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival and went to Ibiza. In 2013 the Andres release “Darkness” got to the TOP # 4 Releases of the week in Beatport under Tech House, Techno and Deep House. 2014 started with his release “Electric Pearl” hitting TOP #1 releases of the week in Techno and Tech House. 

At the end of the day, Andres only cares about love, the future not the past and strives to make people smile. Through his music, his desires are delivered in a message felt all over the world.

Spundae* (awarded event promoters of parties and concerts in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Miami, Spundae did more than 3000 events and it is known for being one of the most popular US electronic music dance clubs Ruby Skye)

”Music and dancing are the most humane expression of all, since it connects with our primitive past, love, sadness, passion and all those feelings so humane, all in one single universal fusion.”

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DJ Andres Solano

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